Dinner for 8 is a unique service created for like-minded people

serious about expanding their network and meeting quality people

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who does Dinner for 8 attract?
  • Our program is designed for single, widowed and divorced individuals who are interested in a small group setting (5-10 individuals) that fosters in-person introductions, romantic possibilities and endless friendships.
  • Our membership welcomes men and women of all ages (21+), regardless of religious, race, or gender preferences.

What does my membership include?

  • Your membership includes a guaranteed number of dinner engagements per the membership tier of your choosing. Each dinner event begins with a complimentary pre-dinner "meet & greet" accompanied with appetizers and a cocktail, hosted by the Dinner for 8 staff.
  • Membership also entitles you to exclusive admission into our offering of social events that will feature some of the Pittsburgh area's most dynamic entertainment and recreational venues.
  • Special offers, when available, that are offered by our participating restaurants will be made exclusively to Dinner for 8 members.
  • By registering for Dinner for 8 you also gain access, with discounted rates, for our one-on-one Self-Help Network.

How is Dinner for 8 different?
Unlike traditional online dating services, you will not have to spend hours reviewing random profiles for personal compatibly. You won't have to be subjected to a clumsy electronic introduction, an uncomfortably written email, a "wink", "nudge" or "poke"...or an awkward cold call. You won't even have to worry about where or when to meet. We take care of all of this for you. All you have to do is show up and focus on what's most important; having an enjoyable evening meeting new people!

What is not included during my dinner?
The cost of your transportation, parking, dinner, drinks and gratuities is on your own. Separate checks will be provided.

Where and when will dinners take place?

  • Most dinner events will take place between Sundays and Thursdays. Typically, the starting time will be 7pm for a "meet & greet" with complimentary cocktail and appetizers hosted by your Dinner for 8 staff, followed by a 7:30pm dinner reservation where everyone will enjoy a delicious meal with great company.
  • When a dinner group is arranged for you, we will notify you by email or phone approximately 2-3 weeks in advance with details about the time and location.
  • We are constantly adding new establishments to our list of preferred locations but rest-assured that we offer a variety of fun and delicious dining experiences to tantalize the taste buds; everything from casual settings to fine dining experiences. Please see the Partnering Restaurants section of our website for a listing of some of the wonderful establishments who are participating in Dinner for 8.
How are dinner groups determined?
Your personal profile provides us with basic information about your preferences, interests and demographic. With your permission we will also work to cultivate a personal relationship with you during the course of your membership. The professional experience and expertise of the Dinner for 8 staff enables us to utilize these tools with you to create the most compatible dinner groups possible.

Our process does not use impersonal computer algorithms or leave you with the burden of reviewing endless online profiles, filtering clumsy electronic introductions, figuring out where to meet, or dealing with a very awkward first meeting. We take care of all of this for you using a hands-on approach with a customized honest old-fashioned methodology that fosters fun, ease and compatibility. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the evening.

Why a Background Check?
In order to maintain the integrity and reliability of Dinner for 8, each new member will have a background check administered by Dinner for 8. By implementing this process, all members can feel confident that each dinner event will be a safe and wholesome experience.

The check is done automatically within the Dinner for 8 application process and no action is required on your part. Your membership fee includes the cost of the background check.

Results of the background check will always remain private and undisclosed.

How are your fees determined?
Dinner for 8 is an upscale concierge membership service designed for like-minded people who are serious about expanding their network and meeting quality people. For less time, money and emotional energy than you would expend on an online dating membership, you will exponentially meet dozens more people who are also committed to the process of enhancing their social circles – all in a relaxed, natural setting. Our membership fees are based upon our mission to provide a high level of personalized introduction services while creating dynamic social experiences in Pittsburgh’s eclectic collection of renowned restaurants. With Dinner for 8 you will spend less time and money on the process and more time actually engaging with more quality people than you ever imagined.

I am enjoying my membership and want to upgrade/renew. How do I do this?
If a member has completed one dinner event, they can simply upgrade for the price differential between the originally purchased tier and the new preferred tier.

If a member has completed two or more dinner events, they need to see their membership through and can then can renew at 50% of any original membership rate.

What advice can you provide for filling out my Profile?
  • Understand that your Profile is the guideline by which the staff of Dinner for 8 will match you. By creating a profile with diverse and open-minded preferences, you are likely to meet a wider scope of interesting people and subsequently increase your overall social circle.
  • Complete all the queries and elaborate where suggested.
  • Be realistic and appropriate.
  • Be honest. 100% honest.
What kind of social events will you be planning?
In the near future, we will announce a variety of special events that will offer even more exciting opportunities to meet new people. Watch for theater nights, speaker presentations, bowling nights, sporting events, and even travel opportunities.

If I have questions about Dinner for 8, with whom do I speak?
Nan or Bill
Email: click here
Phone: 412-888-9220