Pairing good people with good food

to create good times.

Terms, Conditions, Disclaimers and other Tidbits:

  • All participants of Dinner for 8 agree to have a background check to ensure the integrity and safety of the program*. The cost for each individual’s background check is included within your registration fee.
  • Dinner for 8 is not liable for participants’ behaviors, late arrivals, no-shows, payment of the bill or any facet of the evening’s dynamic. Please do not become intoxicated or take illicit drugs before or during your Dinner for 8. 
  • At the discretion of the Dinner for 8 organizers, any participant who exhibits behavior – either verbal or physical - that is disrespectful, abusive or in any way a violation of another guest’s privacy may be removed from the program without refund. Overuse of alcohol or influence of illegal use of drugs during a Dinner for 8 event will be cause for dismissal from the program and forfeiture of all monies paid to Dinner for 8.
  • Each person attends a sponsored Dinner for 8 at his/her own risk and Dinner for 8 shall not be liable for any loss or injury sustained, either directly or indirectly, by any such person. In consideration of attending events sponsored by Dinner for 8, patrons waive any and all claims they or their heirs may have against Dinner for 8, its owners, Managers, employees and event venue and its employees.
  • Dinner for 8 will not provide contact details of patrons without prior consent. Participants are welcome to exchange personal contact information directly with each other during their dinner events.
  • Membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The number “8” in Dinner for 8 is a concept and is not a guaranteed number for all dinners. Dinner groups may be comprised of any number between 5-10 guests. Every effort will be made to have a balanced number of men and women at each dinner.  It is not guaranteed that an equal number of men and women will attend each dinner. 
  • While every effort will be made to match you with different people for each of your dinner events, it is possible that you may attend an event with members you have previously dined with.  Please see “advice for filling out my Profile” in the FAQ section for recommendations on enhancing your match-a-bility.
    • (note: we strongly suggest that you not request being assigned a dinner together with a friend. Dinner for 8 is designed to maximize your potential for meeting new people. Attending with a friend will inhibit the intended dynamic of the program).
  • All tier selections of dinner assignments will be completed within one calendar year of an individual’s membership commencement. In some cases, all dinner assignments will be completed in a shorter time period. Upon completion of one’s final dinner assignment, membership to Dinner for 8 will duly expire. Renewals of membership will be available at a discounted rate and notice of options will be provided prior to the end of the term.
  • Participants should have adequate means of transportation to participate at our selected Dinner for 8 restaurants, all located within Allegheny county. Dinner for 8 participants shall be individually responsible for their own transportation to and from dinner.
  • Preferred communication will be via email unless otherwise requested. Please be sure to add  to your safe senders list / address book. You can also call us at 412-888-9220.
  • Your Dinner for 8 hosts may snap a few publicity photos during the course of any event. By participating in Dinner for 8 you agree to allow your photo to be published for Dinner for 8 publicity purposes.  Each photo will remain the property of Dinner for 8.
  • Dinner for 8 pledges to match groups as compatibly as possible but makes no claim to precise matching of any portion of anyone’s profile criteria. The information gathered on the Profiles will be used as a guideline to connect as many compatible criteria as possible.
  • Once your Dinner for 8 is assigned, please honor that commitment as we have a waiting list of participants and someone else may be interested in attending that dinner. If you need to cancel, we ask that you provide us with at least seven days advance notice.
  • If for any reason, we determine that the Dinner for 8 program is not a suitable fit for an applicant, a refund minus processing fees (and, if applicable, minus a proportional amount of completed services) will be provided within 30 days of determination.

* Although Dinner for 8 uses reliable sources to do background checks, Dinner for 8 (or the sources used) cannot guarantee that the information received is up to date and all inclusive. Dinner for 8 is not responsible if the background checks do not reveal important or negative information about the member. Dinner for 8 is not responsible for the actions of any of its members.